Certifications & the Skills You'll Acquire

Extra Certifications

The Australian Divemaster Academy offers additional certifications that would enhance your skills as a Divemaster.

Equipment Assembler and Field Technician Course

This program is designed to teach individuals how to correctly assemble, maintain and repair a range of commonly used S.C.U.B.A equipment whilst adhering to all industry standard practices.

This course is highly beneficial to anybody involved in the diving world, whether it be recreational or professional diving. The practical skills and knowledge you acquire from this course will enable you to better understand the functioning of your equipment, the routine testing, how to diagnose problems and how to solve these problems.

This course is a must for anyone wanting to further their knowledge of the diving industry.

First Aid and O2 Administration Course

Our Provide Advanced First Aid course teaches you the skills to approach, assess, treat conditions and administer O2 when necessary. The course can be used in any industry in Australia and is part of National Recognised Training (NRT).

The skills and knowledge that you develop during this course will enable you to appropriately respond to an emergency scenario, provide advanced first aid, manage the scene of an incident and co-ordinate any available help.

On completion of this course you will be prepared to implement your newly acquired skills and knowledge to a huge variety of situations ranging from recreational/ community settings through to the professional workplace environment.

This unit will not only benefit you, but may very well save yours or the life of someone you love.

Nautical Knowledge and Vessel Handling

Our nautical knowledge and vessel handling course teaches you important nautical skills as well as the correct way to maintain the vessel.

You will gain knowledge from basic to technical nautical terms and cover where different parts of the vessel are located, additionally you will learn the correct language to use when in an ocean environment. The practical skills you will acquire will allow you to determine the correct knot to tie in different situations, vital sea survival and rescue skills and the safety equipment on board vessels.

Down to the technicality of how a boat engine works to operating a marine radio, this course will increase your knowledge of the marine vessel environment and allow you to better understand general vessel handling procedures.

Skills You'll Acquire from the Program

You will graduate the Academy as a fully certified Divemaster, ready to unleash your potential as a dive leader on live-aboard boats or tropical dive centres & resorts, or in dive retail outlets!

Further, the skills that you will learn in this program will serve you well in careers out of the water as well! You will be well-suited for any industry position that requires confidence, problem-solving, and leadership skills. The Australian Divemaster Academy Program will give you an advantage over your peers in an increasingly competitive business world.

In the Dive Industry, you will be able to:

  • Work on dive boats, at resorts & retail stores, take people diving
  • Lead dive trips & tours
  • Assist instructors in the pool and open water
  • Attain essential skills in co-ordinating dives
  • Teach skills in the pool under instructor supervision
  • Teach the Scuba Skills refresher courses
  • Teach selected specialty courses
  • Teach and certify skindivers
  • Conduct Discover Local Diving orientations


Want even MORE practical experience?
If you still want more practical experience after the course you are welcome to continue your traineeship with the Byron Bay Dive Centre